Agust Coffee Natura Equa E.S.E Pods 50
Agust Coffee Natura Equa E.S.E Pods 50
Caffe Agust Natura Equa Pods 50

Agust Coffee Natura Equa E.S.E Pods 50


An E.S.E pod has roasted coffee beans, ground and sealed in a bio-degradable paper filter. This is further sealed in an individual pouch for freshness. 
Each pod has 7.2 g of ground coffee for good strength and a beautiful crema.

Excellent for home use, office meeting rooms, small offices and restaurants.

Easy to use
No messy grinds
Consistent taste
Compostable, no landfill

Intensity 7

50 pods per box

The Natura Equa has a lovely floral aroma with subtle sweet stone fruit flavours.
A slight smokeyness blended together to produce a heavenly rich butterscotch lingering aftertaste and a natural low caffeine content.

100% Arabica coffee blend from organic agriculture, certified by FAIRTRADE®, with the entire process of production and the packaging Zero Impact ® for the environment.
Agust Coffee have chosen this coffee which is grown in South and Central America by small cooperatives and communities at altitudes ranging between 1400 and 1900 meters above sea level, all with the passion and care of those who consider this activity as the center of their livelihood.

Agust Coffee won the Gold medal for this beautiful Natura Equa blend at the International Coffee Tasting 2018, Milan, Italy.

100% Fairtrade Organic- Caffè Agust FAIRTRADE licence No: FLO ID 1262
Organic certification by IMC
The packaging is certified Zero Impact® 
Imported from Agust Coffee, Brescia, Italy

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