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About Us

About Us

Are you passionate about your coffee? 

We are!

We believe coffee is more than simply a drink.  We believe it is something to be passionate about.  It is where you can be absorbed in how it is brewed, how it is served and the cup you choose to enjoy it in.

And this doesn't need to change depending on where you are.  You can still enjoy your coffee at work just as you would at your local cafe and at home. It is about putting all of the right elements together - suitable equipment for your brewing capacity, correct set up for your style of service, and quality freshly roasted coffee.

So here is some information about our business and how we can make wonderful quality coffee easily accessible to you either in your workplace, your cafe or at home.

We have been roasting, brewing, sipping and providing the best in coffee and tea to businesses around Australia since 2007. Our team brings together knowledge and experience in service and hospitality with a genuine passion and love of coffee and tea.

We offer a customised approach to you in providing coffee equipment and a premium range of coffee and tea supplies.

We supply to a range of industries, including café's, corporate, workplace, bakeries, car dealership, Food Service and quick service restaurants, sporting facilities and homes.

We choose to provide only premium, environmentally responsible and ethically sourced products.  We develop our blends and roast our coffee, all to suit the machines types and style of service we provide.  We love to work closely with our supply partners to ensure we provide a consistent quality of products.

Most of all, we love to work with our customers.  We want to ensure you receive the best customer service, choose the most suitable machine, provide a quick turn-around with machine servicing and receive a consistent and reliable delivery of coffee.  

The result?  An unforgettable cup of coffee


Our Equipment

We help you select the right equipment for your business.  We make recommendations on your beverage service area and ensure it is set up correctly for your space and style of service.   

Our range of equipment includes automatic, vending, brewing and traditional machines. 

We also provide maintenenace programs, servicing and ongoing training as part of our supply services.

Machine Servicing 

Machine maintenance, cleaning and servicing is vital to the upkeep and success in your machine's longevity and ability to provide a consistent product.
Technical repairs of coffee machines and all related equipment is available by Ottimo Coffee Australia wide.  Our service technicians are qualified and experienced in setup and repair of all of the machines we provide.

Professional installation is provided for all of our coffee machines and is recommended to ensure the set up, plumbing, power and correct positioing for best workflow is completed correctly.

Our Coffee and Roaster

We use high grades of coffee and small batch roast by origin.  We roast locally in Notting Hill, Melbourne, Victoria.  We are continually developing new blends and pride ourselves in working closely with our clients to ensure the blend is tailored to the environment and tastes of their customers and staff.

Our master roaster is lucky to be able to put his passion to the test every day.  With the latest technology to ensure we are delivering a quality and consistent roasted coffee, our new roasting facility includes a cupping room, training centre and it is where our inspirational team of roasters prepare each batch of coffee to perfection ready to send across our beautful country, fresh every week.

We are also proud to import a sustainable range of coffee from Northern Italy.  Agust Coffee is an artisanal coffee roaster in Brescia and has been championing sustainable practices since 1956 and continue to innovate in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible. 

Additional products

We complement our coffee offering with our large range of Fair Trade ad Organic tea, sugar, chai and chocolate, vending products and biodegradable and compostable cups.  Most of these products are made in HACCP approved facilities locally in Australia.



We are committed to supporting the long term sustainability and environmental practices of our clients and suppliers.  We offer a full range of biodegradable and compostable products and an extensive range of Fair Trade and Organic products. 



Let's work together and discover how we can help your business.

Contact us or give us a call on 1300 688 466

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